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Innovating for a Global Palate Since 2014

Growing up William watched his mother's cooking for family events and celebrations, observing the process of cooking and helping out. It wasn't long before his curiosity led to a life long passion with food, he soon started following celebrity Chefs such as Anthony Bourdain and Gordan Ramsay.  He would watch and study their use of ingredients, herbs and spices to create and add flavour, colour and texture to food.  Completely immersed, William was already experimenting and developing his unique cooking style at the age of 13.

Eventually William's love of cooking took him to Singapore. For 8 years he worked as a Sous Chef with the Michelin Starred Les Amis Group where he was featured in, Cuisine & Wine Magazine (SG) and the Sunday Times Newspaper (SG).

It wasn't long before William's desire took him to the home of his most passionate food, Italy where he traveled to Milan, Bologna and then Switzerland to study and taste authentic Italian cuisine, finding recipes and ideas he could incorporate into his own menu.

Enorme is William's realization of bringing his passion back to Malaysia, to cook and prepare authentic Italian food in new, exciting and innovative ways. William's menus are exquisitely put together with each taste carefully crafted from only the finest ingredients.

Always a perfectionist, with a happy demeanor and outgoing personality, you can always see William in the kitchen at Enorme.



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